Friday, December 19, 2014

Homework for Friday, Dec. 19

English with Mrs. DeCoteau:  Read in your independent reading book; it must be completed by Monday, January 5

Math with Mr.Tjersland:  No new homework

Science with Mrs. Cicione:  No homework

Social Studies with Mrs. Fisk:   

Below please find the posted answers to the homework sheets collected on Wednesday and Friday of this week.  These will also be helpful in studying.    Study for Causes of American Revolution on Monday, Dec.22.
Bonus points opportunity available:  Complete the Castlelearning assignment posted under Mrs. Fisk's name or perhaps Mrs. Feirstein.  There are 39 multiple choice review questions.  You must score higher than 70% to receive this extra credit.  Use your notes as you complete this review assignment!!  Earn those extra points!  This assignment will be closed down on Monday morning at 7am so complete it before then!!
Answers to HW sheets from Wednesday and Friday

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Homework for Thursday, Dec. 18

English with Mrs. DeCoteau:  Continue reading your independent reading novel.

Math with Mr. Tjersland:  Lesson 4 Problem Set # 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Science with Mrs. Cicione:  Breathing Hard handout.    Current Events 17-20 due tomorrow.

Social Studies with Mrs. Fisk:  Handout sheet due tomorrow for pages 171-175.  Continue preparing for the unit test on Monday.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Homework for Wednesday, Dec. 17

English with Mrs. DeCoteau:  You will need to bring a sharpened # 2 pencil to class tomorrow for the unit test on "A Christmas Carol". 

Math with Mr. Tjersland:  Lesson 3 Problem set # 1-5

Science with Mrs. Cicione:  Complete both worksheets on respiration

Social Studies with Mrs. Fisk:  Work on handout due on Friday.  See Monday for details. Continue reviewing for unit test (Causes of the American Revolution) on Monday.  Slavery is NOT on this unit test; begin with Mercantilism on.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Homework for Tuesday, Dec. 16

English with Mrs. DeCoteau:  Act II quiz on "A Christmas Carol" tomorrow; test on entire play on Thursday, Dec. 18.  Continue reading in your novel.

Math with Mr. Tjersland:  Lesson 2 Problem set: 2abc, 3abc, 4abc, 5abc, and 6.

Science with Mrs. Cicione:  Take a Deep Breath handout.  Current Events due Friday.

Social Studies with Mrs. Fisk:  See Monday for the work due this week.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Homework for Monday, December 15

******   Parents:  Please click on the tab above marked "Bagel Breakfast" to see what donations are still needed for our team bagel breakfast before the trip next Tuesday to Theatre Three in Port Jeff.  Please email Mrs. DeCoteau directly with the item you can contribute and she will add it to the list.  You cannot add to the list, but just see what items have already been donated and the needed items that still remain.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR DONATIONS!!

English with Mrs.DeCoteau:  Continue reading in your independent reading book due for completion by Monday, January 5.

Math with Mr.Tjersland:  Module 3 Lesson 1 Problem set due tomorrow: #1-5, 11-14, 17 and 18.  Binder should be cleaned out of all Module 2 materials with exit tickets and paper remaining.

Science with Mrs. Cicione:  Complete white packet started in class today.  Use the green sheet to help you answer the questions tonight!  Current Events due on Friday are #17-20.  Science binders should also be cleaned of all material except the lab manual for our new unit on the respiratory system.

Social Studies with Mrs. Fisk: 
Due Wednesday:  Read pages 167-170.  Complete handout questions  #1-8.  This will be collected and graded as a quiz.
Due Friday:  Read pages 171-175.  Complete hand questions #1-12.  Again, this will be collected and graded as a quiz.
Monday, Dec. 22 is the unit test for the Causes of the American Revolution.  Review all dittos and handouts to date and continue studying as more papers are completed in class this week.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Homework for Friday, December 12

English with Mrs. DeCoteau:  Completed webquest due in class on Monday.  Please make sure it is completed and with you!!  Remember there is an extra credit opportunity as well if you are interested.

Math with Mr. Tjersland:  Due Tuesday:  Module 3 Lesson 1 Problem set: #1-5, 11-14, 17 and 18.   Finish preparing for Monday's Module 2 quiz.  Use the review sheet completed in class on Thursday.

Science with Mrs. Cicione:  Clean out your binder to prepare for our new unit beginning on Monday.  Keep your lab manual and lined paper.  Current Events due next Friday, Dec. 19 #17-20.

Social Studies with Mrs. Fisk:  No homework this weekend.  A reminder that there will a unit test on Causes of the American Revolution on 12/22.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Homework for Thursday, December 11

Parents:  Please click on the Bagel Breakfast tab at the top of this page to make a donation for our annual bagel breakfast held for Team 7A students the morning of our field trip to Theatre Three.  Mrs. DeCoteau sent an email to all parents explaining the procedure so check your emails!!  Thank you in advance!!

English with Mrs. DeCoteau:  Continue with the webquest due this Monday as well as reading your independent reading novel that needs to be finished by Jan. 5.

Math with Mr.Tjersland:  Complete the Module 2 quiz review sheet started on in class.  Clean out you binder of all Module 2 materials.  Study for Monday's quiz.

Science with Mrs. Cicione:  Review study sheet from class today, use the study guide posted on Mrs. Cicione's blog to check if you are reviewing all needed items and finish making index review cards for 2 bonus points.

Social Studies with Mrs. Fisk:  Slave essay due tomorrow with completed documents as well.  Remember to type or use blue or black ink.  Test on Monday, Dec. 22 on the Causes of the American Revolution.