Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Homework for Wednesday, March 4

English with Mrs. DeCoteau:  No homework

Math with Mr. Tjersland:  Lesson 2 Day 2:  pg. S12C Problem set

Science with Mrs. Cicione:  Open NB test on Friday; be ready and organized!
Castlelearning assignment due on Monday, 3/9.  Test on Tuesday, 3/10.  Homework tonight:  Complete physical/chemical changes worksheet.

Social Studies with Mrs. Fisk:  See Monday for posted homework.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Homework for Tuesday, March 3

English with Mrs. DeCoteau:  Using the essay pages reviewed and completed in class, you may write a rough draft of your response ON THE BACK OF THE HANDOUTS.  You may NOT bring in your response on lined paper and parent assistance should NOT be given.

Math with Mr. Tjersland:  Lesson 2 Problem set # 1-4.  CRS due tomorrow.

Science with Mrs. Cicione:  Physical and Chemical Changes worksheet due tomorrow.  Open NB quiz on Friday so be organized.

Social Studies with Mrs. Fisk:  Homework sheet due Friday was given to students today.  Please complete carefully and thoroughly as this will be graded and counted as a quiz.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Homework for Monday, March 2

English with Mrs. DeCoteau:  Complete the pre-writing T chart for the upcoming class essay on advantages and disadvantages of Charlie's operation.  ONLY  T-CHART TO BE COMPLETED!!

Math with Mr.Tjersland: Folder/binder should now only have Module 4 handed out today in class in it.  Mod. 4 Lesson 1 #1-3 due tomorrow.  CRS #14 due on Wednesday.

Science with Mrs. Cicione:  Classifying Changes pg. 11 in lab manual.  Open notebook organization quiz on Friday.

Social Studies with Mrs. Fisk: 
Due Friday:  (not handed out today)  Worksheet that will be counted as a quiz grade.
Advance notice for Government test next Wednesday, March 11 - begin reviewing all material as we move along!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Homework for Friday, February 27, 2015

English with Mrs. DeCoteau: No homework.  Please note:  Midterm grades are posted twice (Midterm #1 and Midterm #2) as scores count twice for Q3 per Smithtown English department requirements.

Math with Mr. Tjersland:  Clean out your binder of Module 3 materials.  Module 4 packets will be given our and started on Monday.  Cumulative review sheet # 14 given out today and due next Wednesday, March 4.  Remember that the modules to refer back to for help are now given at the end of each question!!

Science with Mrs. Cicione:  Finish the density lab if needed.  Remember that there will be an open notebook quiz next Friday, 3/6 so get organized!

Social Studies with Mrs. Fisk:  No homework but consider reviewing all notes to date!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Homework for Thursday, February 26

 Best of luck to all our students who are in the school production of Peter Pan tonight, tomorrow,  and on Saturday.  Break a leg!!

English with Mrs. DeCoteau:  No homework.  We will have a quiz tomorrow on our short story, Flowers for Algernon.  If you have read, attended and participated in class discussions, you should do well.  There are no papers to study.

Math with Mr. Tjersland:  Finish class review sheet for tomorrow's exam and check the blog to correct your answers if needed.  Complete any review needed to be prepared for tomorrow's exam.

Science with Mrs. Cicione:  Density worksheet #2.  Bring in a candy bar/healthy bar for tomorrow's lab. 

Social Studies with Mrs. Fisk:  No homework

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Homework for Tuesday, February 24

English with Mrs. DeCoteau:  No homework

Math with Mr. Tjersland:  Lesson 25 Problem set # 4 and #6.  Continue reviewing for Friday's cumulative exam.  See Monday's notes.

Science with Mrs. Cicione:  Finish Law of Conservation of Matter lab if needed (questions).  Complete the Measuring Matter handout.  Bring in a candy bar/healthy bar snack for the lab on Friday.  We will put your name on them and hold them for you.

Social Studies with Mrs. Fisk:  See the post on Monday.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Homework for Monday, February 23

English with Mrs. DeCoteau:  No homework

Math with Mr. Tjersland:  Lesson 24:  page 135 #1b and #1f and on page 140 #2 and #4.  Use formulas and show all work as expected in class.  Continue to review for the cumulative exam on Friday, Feb. 27.  It will be heavy on Module 3 material, but you also need to review quizzes and tests for Mods. 1 and 2 as it is cumulative.

Science with Mrs. Cicione:  We began our chemistry unit today.  All materials from previous units should be removed from your binder for a fresh start.  Molecules and Matter worksheet due tomorrow.  Cross out B on the bottom.

Social Studies with Mrs. Fisk: 
Due Wednesday:  Read pages 236 to 241.  On page 241, complete # 1 and #2.